The trend setter in “systemizing” the building process.


What is it?

A pre-engineered building system is a building structure that consists of pre-engineered, pre-fabricated factory components that are combined together and engineered structurally so that each component works together as one “system”.

What is the difference between a stick-built structure and a
pre-engineered EZ-BUILD SYSTEM?

Although many of the components used in stick framing today are pre-engineered (i.e. floor joists, roof trusses), in most cases, the walls are not pre-engineered and the building itself is not pre-engineered to interact as a “system”. EZ-Build Systems ensures that your building system will “work” prior to being shipped to your site. With stick framing, a lot of the engineering is compensated for on site rather than in a quality controlled factory

environment. Pre-engineered EZ-Build systems are stronger, go up faster, are safer, more energy efficient, environmentally friendly, more comfortable, and they offer a better return on your investment.

Is an EZ-BUILD SYSTEM a modular home?

No. Some of the components used in EZ-Build Systems home packages can be considered modular (meaning that we can supply whole walls, both in steel and SIP, that are pre-fabricated in the factory), but the overall system is not. Although there are a lot of similarities between the two types of building systems such as the speed with which they can be erected, components that are built in a factory controlled environment and components that are shipped pre-fabricated, there are some key differences as well. These differences are:

  • EZ-Build Systems homes have a much higher R-Value than modular homes (typically 2-3 times better if the modules are studs with batt insulation).
  • EZ-Build Systems homes are structurally superior to modular homes. EZ-Build Systems homes have made it through earthquakes, fires, hurricanes and explosions and have emerged structurally unscathed.
  • EZ-Build Systems homes have the flexibility of allowing the customer to make changes on site. For example, if the customer decides that they would like a window enlarged or moved, they can still do so on site with an EZ-Build System whereas they could not make changes to a modular home on site.
  • There are many more design options with an EZ-Build Systems home than with modular homes. Some complicated designs can only be built on site, not in a factory. By using multiple building components, EZ-Build Systems is able to take any design out there and provide the materials and structural engineering needed to turn that design into a home. There are no size limitations to EZ-Build Systems homes either, thus allowing more options for design.

Today’s new homes can be cost effective to build as well as energy efficient to live in. In fact, the energy consumption of an EZ-Build Systems home can be reduced by as much as 50% with little or no impact on the cost of ownership. This is accomplished through the use of our pre-engineered building system approach. EZ-Build Systems uses this approach right from the very beginning of your project—the design. We work with you to understand your goals and budget and together, we come up with a design that uses the most cost-effective, energy efficient, durable, and environmentally friendly products available on the market. Cost savings that are identified at the design stage can then be reinvested in other areas of your project (i.e. high performance windows to further reduce energy use & costs). Since EZ-Build Systems is not a manufacturer, we are not restricted by brand/product loyalty. Our loyalty is to our customer, and we strive to provide the best technical advice, customer service, and pre-engineered building SYSTEM possible.