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EZ-Build Systems has product offerings to accommodate any commercial, industrial or institutional project. We have built churches, gymnasiums, schools, airplane hangars, wineries, storage units, etc. The quick construction of EZ-Build Systems’ panelized systems (both tubular steel and SIPs) results in a faster return on commercial investments. The reason for this is that all of EZ-Build Systems commercial tilt-up walls come with factory installed electrical chases, window & door cut outs and headers pre-installed. When the panels arrive on the job site, they are all ready to be tilted up into place and the only thing left to do is set the windows & doors and apply the interior and exterior facing material. The wood face of the SIPs provides and excellent nail base and eliminates stud searching when you are hanging drywall and exterior finishes. EZ-Build

Systems pre-fabricated SIPs allow for faster construction and thus, faster returns on commercial investments.

On their own, SIPs have the ability to clear span widths of up to 65’, but when engineered by EZ-Build Systems, we can double that clear span by combining SIPs with some of our other product offerings (such as tubular steel and laminated beams). Take our patented tubular steel products for example. By combining Structural Insulated Panels with our engineered tubular steel products, you can achieve tilt-up walls ranging in size from 8’ wide by 16’ high to 24’ wide by 32’ high. You can choose thicknesses for wall & roof panels of 6 ½”, 8 ¼”, 10 ¼” and 12 ¼” that yield an R-Value of 25, 33, 42 and 52 respectively. The energy efficiency of panels can literally save your business thousands of dollars in utility costs annually!

Whether you are looking to build an 8’ high storage building, a 32’ high block store or a manufacturing facility by eliminating or minimizing the use of inside columns that take up precious interior space, EZ-Build Systems can do it affordably and in the time frame that your deadlines demand.

Submit your blueprints today for a free estimate and start saving time & money by building smart, with EZ-Build Systems Inc. commercial shell packages.

Building a commercial structure with EZ-Build Systems Inc. offers the following advantages:

  • Design options are limitless. Virtually any building design can be converted to incorporate panel construction and more clear span opportunities can be utilized
  • SIPS and tubular steel panel construction offer increased strength and higher R-Values over many other building systems
  • The overall on-site construction timetable is shortened, allowing quicker occupancy
  • The on-site labor component can be reduced up to 60%, substantially reducing labor costs
  • The need for large quantities of 2x lumber or costly steel studs is reduced
  • Environmentally friendly, EZ-Build Systems’ SIPS require less virgin lumber than stick construction and the EPS foam core can be recycled
  • Factory built panel construction is quality construction. Builders consistently note that SIPS dramatically improve on-site construction quality and workmanship. The frame of the building and thermal envelope are one and the same, simplifying the supervision and coordination of the various aspects of construction
  • Panel construction allows long unsupported spans and is the most effective way to construct insulated cathedral ceilings
  • Panel-built commercial buildings are quieter. The same insulation that delivers high R-values also reduces noise infiltration
  • Panel-built commercial buildings reduce outer air pollution. Heating and air conditioning costs are reduced by 15%-40% over the life of the building
  • In-house design service to convert existing blueprints to SIPS or tubular steel panel construction
  • Engineer-stamped structurals included in package price (we guarantee you a building permit)
  • One-Stop-Shopping
  • Friendly, helpful and informative customer service only one toll free call away!