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Solar, Wind, & S.I.P. Training Classes

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Solar and Wind Power is the way to Go

Reduce or Eliminate your Electric Bill

Say Good-bye to Electrical Power Failures.

The RGGS (Rio Grand Green Solutions).

Global Eazi Build Home Systems has Green Energy Efficient Building Technology that has been around for over 60 years. Developing Reliable Green Technology with given proof to consumers. We offer a new approach in deploying efficient and eco-friendly photovoltaic solar electric and wind solutions to homeowners and small business across the greater El Paso Sun Belt Areas.

We are offering this service in providing training, installation and maintenance of Photovoltaic systems.

Held at locations in El Paso Texas RGGS will host this program. Spring Classes starts May 2011.

Individuals will be trained by Manufacturers on how to install panels, as well as maintenance and troubleshooting of solar systems.

Training is based on the Solar And Renewable Energy Practitioners (RGGS) and Renewable Energy Standards The task analysis guidelines cover the recommended safety practices, system design, electrical codes, and industry standard practices.

The training will include the following:

  1. Working safely with Photovoltaic systems
  2. Conducting a site assessment
  3. Selecting a system design
  4. Adapting the mechanical design
  5. Adapting the electrical design
  6. Installing sub system components and parts on site
  7. Performing system check out and inspection
  8. Maintaining and troubleshooting a system

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This training will be the first step in being qualified to install solar systems. More training may be required depending on each student’s background and level of beginning knowledge. After going through this training, the electrical trainees will be assessed on their knowledge to determine what future training will be recommended.


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Training Solar segment one(1)


Training Solar segment  two (2)


Training Wind


S.I.P. Energy Home Construction



Fees are $850.00 for each Level plus books and study materials.

Two (2) Classes each consist of 2-3 days. The class program is split into 2 segments two weeks apart.

The last 2-3 days is all site and hands on activities.

These classes will be open with no perquisite or restrictions for registration.


For questions or concerns, please contact us.